New acne medications could be sold under brand names

In a bid to tackle an outbreak of acne that has plagued American consumers for years, the Food and Drug Administration has approved new medications for people who have had problems with acne.

The drugs, sold under the brand names of EpiMedix and Cetox, were approved by the agency in a move that follows the FDA’s earlier approval of the first-in-class anti-inflammatory drug EpiCel, which is used to treat eczema.

The agency also approved the first drug for eczematous macular degeneration, a rare and severe form of eye disease that is caused by a buildup of inflammatory proteins in the retina.

The new drugs were approved after several months of review by a panel of experts at the agency’s Office of Science.

The FDA has not yet given a final approval date for the drug, which was first approved in 2006.

EpiMeds are meant to help with the side effects of drugs like Prozac and Paxil that affect how quickly cells make proteins called cytokines.