Why is this video called “Bodybuilding Medicine” instead of “Body-Building Medicine”

Bodybuilding Medicine is a parody of bodybuilding.

Bodybuilding is about a guy who trains to be an Olympic-level bodybuilder.

The only way you can train to be a bodybuilder is by doing a lot of bodyweight exercises and getting huge amounts of muscle mass.

If you don’t have those, you’re just a bodybuilding nerd.

So it makes sense to use Body-Building for a parody.

Bodybuilding is a word that literally means “bigger” or “stronger.”

And, for the most part, it means “larger,” “strongest,” “superior,” or “biggest.”

So Body-Banding Medicine is more about how big you can get.

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I love bodybuilding because it is the only sport where I can get bigger and stronger for my body.

You can be an absolute badass at bodybuilding and still be healthy and active.

If the bodybuilder isn’t doing all the bodyweight work, he’s still probably a little overtraining and not working hard enough.

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