Bodybuilder medicine courses: What to expect

Bodybuilder doctor and bodybuilder guru Nirmala Sitharaman has said that doctors should take note of the fact that bodybuilders are not the only ones who need to get the allergy medicine they need.

“It is not only bodybuilders who have a problem with allergies,” Sitharama said at the Indian Medical Association conference in New Delhi on Thursday.

“Many others also have allergies and need allergy medicine.”

Bodybuilder doctor Nirmal Kothari, the founder of the popular bodybuilder website, said that people who are bodybuilders have an allergy and there are many people who have allergic reactions to the medication they use to treat their conditions.

“This is not an isolated problem,” she said.

“Somebody can be allergic to the bodybuilder drug because they are also a bodybuilder.

But there are some people who do not have a severe allergy.”

Doctors should be aware of the bodybuilders’ allergy and that there are a large number of people who suffer from it, Sitharamas comments were reported by the Indian Express.

Kothari also said that bodybuilding doctor Naseem Shabir, who has been taking anti-histamines to treat his condition, was told that his doctors should not prescribe him the allergy medication as it could affect his health.

“My doctors should be concerned about his health and should prescribe it only for his specific allergies,” she added.

A doctor who had been treating Shabirs allergy condition for almost three years said that the doctor’s allergy was not related to the medications he used to treat it.

“I am worried that it could happen that the medication is not effective,” he said.

Kathleen Varma, a spokesperson for the Indian Association of Physician-Gyns, said the doctors are responsible for their patients’ health.

“They should be sensitive to their patients health and understand that it is the patient’s responsibility to ensure that their patients are taking the prescribed medication and not taking the medication to relieve symptoms,” Varma told AFP news agency.

“The doctor should not be prescribing the allergy medications as it may affect his/her patient’s health.”