How to get used to a new season of football

By Football Itlia staff It’s been a long winter, so the weather is expected to change a lot this year.

However, the first warm, sunny days of the season are still to come, with the weather forecast to remain very warm until late March and early April.

A cold front is expected, which could lead to snow and ice on the roads.

A few showers are expected in the region, and some isolated thunderstorms are possible.

A milder air will return, with more sunshine and rain.

The weather forecast in the following days is also promising: a warm front is predicted to bring snow and hail to parts of the north-eastern part of Italy, but a light shower will still remain over the region in the afternoon and evening.

On Sunday, temperatures are expected to peak at 18 degrees Celsius and the temperatures will continue to fall.

In the south-east, the temperatures should dip to around 10 degrees Celsius, but the humidity will be low and the air will remain clear.

The average temperature in Rome is forecast to be around 20 degrees Celsius.