‘We know how to make people lose weight!’ Bodybuilder trainer tells CNN

LONDON — Bodybuilding is a business in which the body is the main attraction, but there are also other things at play, says the founder of the world’s first bodybuilding gym in Britain.

The gym, in the English town of Chichester, is one of a handful of gyms offering the bodybuilding lifestyle to British citizens.

Its name, Bodybuilding UK, is a nod to its aim to attract the world to its gyms.

It is a gym for people who want to lose weight, but want not to become obese.

Bodybuilders use the exercises to get in shape.

The gym is run by a bodybuilder and a bodybuilding coach, and is the first bodybuilder-run gym in the UK.

It has about 300 members, including celebrities such as Sir Tom Cruise and singer Ariana Grande.

I think it’s a fantastic thing to have, the ability to create a platform for people to meet and bond with other people, says Michael Cope, a London-based bodybuilder who runs the gym with his brother, Nick.

“The key thing is the connection with people, not just about the size of their arms but the personality and the drive they have.

They see themselves as part of the community and that’s why we’re here.”

Michael Cope and his brother Nick at the gym in Chichesters, England, with the gym’s name and logo.

Nick, right, is seen here with the club’s founder and bodybuilder, Michael Copes, in March.

Michael and Nick Cope said they are passionate about bodybuilding and have a strong belief that it is the ultimate way to build muscle.

He has also taken the gym to a gym near him in Manchester and has seen his weight go down by a third in three months.

There are now a few bodybuilding gyms in Britain, but most focus on a single sport, like bodybuilding or bodybuilding fitness.

Cope says it is important to make the sport accessible to everyone, and he hopes to expand the range of activities.

People want to do it because they want to live their lives as normal, he says.

If we can give people an opportunity to get out there and do the exercises, they will love it.

And that’s what we’re really doing at BodybuildingUK, he adds.

Bodyspace for all kinds of people Bodiespace, the first such gym in England, was established by a couple of guys from London in 2012 and is based on the premise that the only thing that makes a healthy body is good nutrition and a healthy mind.

As well as working out and lifting weights, Bodyspace also offers an extensive fitness and bodybuilding library to its members, with a large selection of video and DVD workouts, plus classes and clinics.

In addition to working out, Bodiespace also provides a forum for people in the gym.

We want to be able to say that it’s not just bodybuilding for men and women, but also bodybuilding that you can find at Bodyspark, the company said in a statement.

Somebody has to do this, says Nick Copes.

We’re not going to take our job for granted.

While Bodyscape is the oldest gym in Great Britain, it is also one of the few that offers all sorts of different activities.

They offer yoga, dance, yoga and Pilates classes, as well as a wide range of cardio classes and workouts.

With the popularity of the sport in the United States, Bodyscapes founder, Michael Coates, believes the sport is expanding globally.

For the last two years, Bodiscapes founder Michael Coes has run a body-building company in the U.K., Bodysport.

But his company has struggled to gain traction in the British market.

Since the beginning, he has tried to diversify the Bodysports business by taking on new ventures, but it is not yet clear whether Bodyspeak will survive, he said.

So we decided to focus on the U, U.S. market and Bodysmart.

It’s our hope that BodysMart will bring Bodyscenes business back into the U., U. S. market.

That way we can help Bodyscales brand become a global brand, and Bodyscates business be successful, he added.

On the other hand, it has been difficult to attract people to Bodysstore, where the gym is located.

‘A good idea but with a little bit of work’The gym is the brainchild of a body builder who wants to create an alternative to the current bodybuilding scene in Britain and to provide an alternative for bodybuilders.

Gym owner Michael Coses and founder Michael Cops says they wanted to create something different, as a