The best medicine of the bodybuilding world

The bodybuilding community is in need of a serious update, and the company behind has some good news.

Bodybuilding, a fitness and bodybuilding website, is being acquired by the tech giant that owns YouTube, and Bodybuilding News is reporting that BodybuildingNews will become part of Bodybuilding Media Group, a new entity that will publish Bodybuilding Medicine articles and videos. will no longer be a content platform for Bodybuilding videos.

As of today, is listed as a brand on YouTube’s website, but that will change soon.

Bodybuilders will continue to be able to visit, which has been redesigned from the ground up.

This new site will be powered by Google Analytics, and will contain a Bodybuilding section,

A Bodybuilder will be able see Bodybuilding MEDICINE articles and content in addition to the Bodybuilding sections of and (the Bodybuilder section will be updated in the coming days).

Bodybuilder also will be rebranded as Bodybuilder Medicine, with the brand still on the website, and bodybuilders will still be able visit and for Bodybuilder articles.

BodyBuilder Medicine is also planning to integrate Google Analytics into the brand, which is part of a plan to enable advertisers to reach more users, according to the news site.

The new website will be available as a free trial to Bodybuilder members. CEO Joe Nadel has been a strong advocate of content-based platforms like in the past, and now that the deal has closed, he’s ready to make his mark.

He said the site will become the platform for all bodybuilding articles and video content, which will allow Bodybuilder News to reach the millions of subscribers.

“We want to be the place for bodybuilders to go to get the latest medical information, news, and advice,” Nadel told The Verge.

Our goal is to be as accessible as possible.”