‘The body is a hospital’: The body of a Canadian man dies after being trapped in an unsecured metal cage

A Canadian man who was trapped in a cage for more than three days after collapsing at his barbell training gym in New Brunswick has died.

The Associated Press reported the body of Johnathan Lee, a 35-year-old barbell lifter from Brampton, Ont., was discovered on Sunday.

Lee was admitted to hospital with hypothermia and was pronounced dead at 8:30 a.m. on Monday.

His family said Lee had fallen out of a cage when he was injured on April 26.

Lee, who trained for nearly two years, was found unconscious on a concrete patio in the backyard of his bar, the Sportsmans Barbells, in Newbridge, about 20 kilometres northeast of Toronto.

The cage was bolted shut and the door had been left open and the air conditioning unit was not working.

He was trapped by the cage for several days.

“The body was unresponsive.

He did not have any pulse,” said Dave Campbell, the gym’s owner.

“It’s a tragedy and I don’t want this to be an example of something bad happening to anyone else.”

Campbell said he believes the cage was a “poorly constructed and poorly constructed, poorly constructed metal cage.”

The cage is still open.

Campbell said the gym has been cooperating with authorities in the investigation and is not taking any action against anyone involved.

Campbell told the AP the gym is still accepting donations.

Campbell did not know Lee personally.

“I don’t know him.

I’ve been a friend of his for a long time.

I don.

We’re going to try to help him.

But I don’ t know if that will be possible,” Campbell said.

Campbell was also at the gym on Sunday morning when Lee collapsed.

He said Lee was “a very talented barbell guy” and was “very active” during the time he was there.

“He’s a pretty normal guy,” Campbell told The Associated Times.

“When he went into a bad spot he was very brave and he was able to pull through.

He tried to survive.

Campbell told CBC News that he believes someone else at the bar was responsible for Lee’s death. “

If anybody could have done what he did, they wouldn’t be in this position.”

Campbell told CBC News that he believes someone else at the bar was responsible for Lee’s death.

“We have no idea what happened,” he said.

“What we have are conflicting reports and we’re trying to get to the bottom of it.”

Campbell, who has owned the gym for 20 years, said the facility’s owners were shocked to learn of Lee’s tragic death.

The gym is owned by John T. and Lisa L. Campbell, a longtime business partners and said the Campbells were shocked by the news.

“They’re the owners of this business, they’re the people who keep it going, and they’re devastated,” said T. Campbell.

We’re in the middle of it and we’ll continue to investigate.” “

As far as we know, there’s nothing out of the ordinary going on.

We’re in the middle of it and we’ll continue to investigate.”

Campbell has said the cage is in the process of being repaired.

He told CBC he expects the cage will be fixed and that a full investigation into the circumstances surrounding Lee’s injuries is ongoing.

The Campbells have not yet received a donation for the barbell gym.

The owner of the bar has been cooperative with authorities, Campbell said, and his office is open to any information that may help solve the mystery of the cage’s construction.

The Sportsmans is a popular gym in Brampton with many local barbellers and fitness enthusiasts.