How to use steroids and other bodybuilding drugs

A man who tested positive for steroids has died after overdosing on the pills he used to build muscle.

The man, identified by the San Jose Mercury News as Kevin B. Brown, 44, of San Jose, died Friday, the city said in a statement.

Brown had a history of drug use and had been prescribed the steroid Ambien.

The San Jose Police Department said it was investigating the cause of the man’s death.

The coroner’s office identified Brown as a resident of the city of San Francisco, about an hour north of downtown.

The coroner’s autopsy will be conducted Monday.

Brown lived in San Francisco’s Marina District.

He was a bodybuilder, who was known for his bodybuilding feats, and was considered one of the top bodybuilders of his time, according to his website.

His weight was listed at 275 pounds, but police said he was listed as being 170 pounds when he died.

In 2013, he became the first person in history to lose his life while on the drugs Ambien, and the other drugs were steroids and a diet supplement.